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Berlin August 14. 2005 
First of August I moved to a new place. Now I am living on Mariannenplatz in Kreuzberg Quarter. 
photo: Benjamin Rindlisbacher 
a few steps from my new place. every day when I go for work or something else. I can observe for example the progress of this temporary artproject. 
photo: Benjamin Rindlisbacher 
questions about power. Holocoust memorial, Brandenburger gate, Reichstag  
"alex" on "volkspalast" 
Berlin July 15. 2005 
Dear Friends, now I am working in Berlin. Its an Internship at Mettler Landschaftsarchitektur. 
I am trying to bring some new staff on this page, but I still have to get a digital camera and some time for preparation. But for now you can find two new texts (in German) on: more texts  
photo: web 
thats the view I have, when I drive by bike to work... 200 meters from here i have my room. 
photo: web 
thats the bridge I drive every day 


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